Annie Skin / Model Edit

Additional Screenshots can be found Here and Here

Actual Mod: Here

Updates: I placed 4th out of 15+ entries. I was informed I missed 3rd by one point. I guess that means I’ll need to learn how to add custom particles for the next mod.

More importantly! I was featured on the weekly recap on! I was super stoked! You can see it here along with a number of super talented 3D Game Artists.


2 thoughts on “Annie Skin / Model Edit

  1. do you make these with a flat template and then globe it? like the coconut? if so how do you do it? because these are rly good 😛

    • So the coconut was actually hand painted from scratch, I used no baked lights (which I probably should have to make things go faster >__< again I probably should do bakes)

      Hmmmm – my original comment got deleted, really odd.

      This was created from a pre-made character Annie, so I had to actually make a mid section for her from scratch, non of her skins have a mid section, it’s just a torso and a floating dress. The areas on her original texture that I did some quick paint overs on were her Face, Arms and Legs. (I gave her some goth make up ;D)

      The spider tunic, hair,candy bucket and earrings are 100% new, modeled by me and painted in photoshop.

      If you enjoy league of legends, this is the next mod I'm working on – however, I'm going to be busy this week on another 3D Project :C

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