Blender Resources

For the past year I have been using 3D Coat for all of my projection painting and 3D Painting needs. However, recently a colleague of mine introduced me to 3D texture painting in Blender. At first I was extremely skeptical. Recently I’ve been taking time to learn to use the application, I’m simply amazed at how the brushes handle in Blender, unlike 3D Coat, the 3D brushes handle exactly like photoshop, only I can paint directly onto a 3D model with minimal performance issues!

Below is a growing list of amazing tutorials and resources I’ve found so far. This list is sure to grow, and who knows – I may add a tutorial of my own on here as well.



XRG81’s Hand Painted Weapon Tutorial

A very very thorough tutorial on how to set up 3D Painting in Blender. Haven’t gone through the entire series but was a massive help to get me my start.

Creating Custom Brushes in Blender

this tutorial teaches you how to get alphas from photoshop into blender for paint purposes. I’m not a massive alpha/texture brush guy – but this potentially can lead to bigger and better things!

 Supplimental Material: Brush Directory Tutorial

This may be the tutorial on how to activate “Brush Directory” for quick use of importing brush alphas.


3dsmax hotkey preset for Blender

A handy hand set of keybind sets that Pesho created. Can cause some issues if you are primarily using Blender for Modeling – but when it comes to a Blender dummy like me, this makes my life much much easier when it comes to navigating the basic blender UI



Possible Layer Functionality

Going to have to look at this one in detail later on.




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