April 2014 Update

League of Legends Work

Rugged Garen

Sculpt Created by Brian Poche

Retopo, UV and Texture by Jake Williams

PAX Sivir

Sculpt provided by Riot Games

Retopo, UV and Texture by Jake Williams

Garen and Sivir are © Riot Games 2014

Personal Work


Based on the art of Joshua Brian Smith: http://www.udlokken-art.com/

Imagineer Games Works

All Character Concept Designs And Textures Created By Heriberto Valle 

Game is currently in development, Imagineer Games Website can be found here

Below are select examples of characters models I created for the independently developed game Shades of Violet. I modeled a total of 7 character models for the game. Once modeled I was tasked with UV Mapping the models to hand off to a texture artist. I also was tasked with re-mapping 2 character models not modeled by myself as well.

Violet Vendetta “Grandmaestre”

Welma Watson as Jetgirl

Miranda Mao

Welma Watson Rework

During the project I was asked to remodel a version of the main character Welma Watson to better fit the style of the game. The original Welma model had been done very early in the project and there were concerns that she did not look close enough to her ‘future self’ Jet Girl.

Comparison Shot Image (Left Of Border) Left and Center are my modeling work, Right is the original version of the character
Textured examples of the newer version (seen on top) and the older version textured (seen on bottom)

Low Poly Self Portrait

Done within the same style of the game Shades of Violet

Annie Skin / Model Edit

Additional Screenshots can be found Here and Here

Actual Mod: Here

Updates: I placed 4th out of 15+ entries. I was informed I missed 3rd by one point. I guess that means I’ll need to learn how to add custom particles for the next mod.

More importantly! I was featured on the weekly recap on Polycount.com! I was super stoked! You can see it here along with a number of super talented 3D Game Artists.